How we spent Valentine’s Day

I was one of the students who did not get around to looking at the survey data on McGonigal’s TED Talk, and I was glad to have the chance to go over it and try to draw conclusions.  My cohort and I realized that as hosts of a speaker, there are many other questions we would have been more interested in asking and different ways we would have phrased the questions so that the response data would have been easier to collate and draw conclusions from.  The aim of our exit survey would have been to determine whether or not the speaker was work the investment by asking about attendees’ enjoyment of the talk and how relevant or useful they thought it was, as well as questions to help use determine what types of speakers to host in the future.  A really useful question that we have on exit surveys at AADL is an open-response question about what other types of programming or follow-up on that day’s programming they would like to see. 

I also really found it beneficial to discuss our “key blogger issues” within our cohorts.  When I wrote up my paper, I felt like a lot of what I was saying was so obvious and would consistently be showing up in every blog that other 643 students were following.  I was surprised by some of the things I saw that were not so important or did not appear in others’ blogs, such as online/social media campaigns to help keep particular library systems open and strong.  I was also surprised by some of the things that were big issues for others’ blogs, such as self-promotion.  I think bloggers should certainly be using their blogs to build professional networks.  There is a fine line between being blatantly self-promoting and just marketing one’s expertise and services. I loved when Alison Circle invited readers to contact her if their library did not have a Facebook page so that she could help them.  It rubbed some of my cohorts the wrong way when their steampunk blogger promoted herself as a lecturer. I wonder where that line is and how much has to do with delivery and attitude, not to mention intent.

Finally, at the end of the class we selected our group members for the Socratic Seminar and also selected our text. I am really excited about working with Susan and Andrew and about the text we have selected. More about that later!

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